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In Wheatfield Estate, our love story unfolded in a fairytale surrounded by nature. At the aisle’s end, my dream man awaited. My Daalarna dress from Sash and Bustle, adorned with hand-sewn flowers, complemented the romantic garden.

“In the heart of Wheatfield Estate, a stunning wooded haven, our love story unfolded in a place where nature’s beauty embraced us. Surrounded by greenery and farmland, this place set the stage for a day that would forever be etched in our memories – a day that felt like it came straight out of a fairytale.

The sun was shining down on us, warming the scene as we gathered with our closest loved ones. It was a day filled with magic, shared with those who meant the most to us. And then, at the end of the aisle, stood the man I was about to marry. Seeing him there, waiting for me, was a dream come true, a moment that made my heart race.

My dress, a work of art made by Daalarna in Hungary, was discovered at Sash and Bustle, a store that understood my desire to honour my Hungarian roots. As I slipped into the dress the morning of our wedding, I felt like I was becoming part of the romantic garden at Wheatfield, with delicate hand-sewn appliqué flowers throughout.

The team at Sash and Bustle helped me find accessories that matched my dress and the venue’s refined organic atmosphere. The earrings and veil from Untamed Petals were like the finishing touches to a beautiful painting. The earrings echoed the greenery in our floral arrangements, while the veil danced in the wind, adding a touch of drama to the day.

Looking back, our wedding day was a mix of beauty and emotions, a day where dreams took shape. As the backdrop, Wheatfield Estates painted a perfect scene, where my dress bloomed with the intricate beauty of hand-sewn flowers and the accessories from Sash and Bustle added the perfect touch of elegance. It was a day that reminded us that love can turn ordinary moments into something extraordinary and that the chapters we write for ourselves can be just as enchanting as any fairytale.”

– SashAndBustleBride Claire

Bride is wearing Marilyn by Daalarna

Photographer: Richelle Hunter

Florist: Tania Floral Design

Venue: Wheatfield Estate

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