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A Modern Elopement

For all the modern elopement inspiration you need; from this stunning style shoot now featured in Confetti magazine

Many modern couples are embracing eloping over traditional grand weddings. When it comes to elopements, the charm of a modern city setting cannot be overlooked. While eloping in the mountains may still be a popular choice, modern city elopements offer an equally captivating and memorable experience. The urban landscape offers a dynamic backdrop and endless possibilities to infuse contemporary flair into your special day. Discover two inspiring modern city elopement looks amidst the bustling energy of the urban landscape.

If the thought of eloping in nature doesn’t resonate with you, there’s no need to worry. City elopements can be just as thrilling and enchanting. In fact, they provide a unique canvas for you to unleash your creativity and experiment with exciting trends. Don’t be afraid to express yourselves and add a touch of uniqueness to your elopement. In this styled shoot, we’ll explore non-traditional dresses, fun accessories, unique colour palettes, and even vintage car rentals to add an extra dash of charm.

One huge benefit to eloping is that you get to spend so much more time with your person. This offers you the opportunity to really slow down and get intentional. One of the biggest regrets I hear from couples is that their traditional wedding went by so fast and they wish they got more time to spend with their partner. Consider getting ready together, having a first look, reading your vows in private, and exploring together. There are so many options available to you!

Plus, another huge bonus to eloping is how much time you will have for photos. On a typical wedding day, you’re lucky if you can squeeze in 30-45 minutes for their portraits. There’s just so much to do! With an elopement, you can really prioritize being intentional and taking your time so your photographer can get the very best photos of your special day.

Ultimately, our aim is to encourage and support couples in exploring their options and making choices that align with their desires. We hope this blog provides you with ample inspiration to kickstart your dream elopement planning process. Remember, your elopement is a canvas for you to paint your love story in the most authentic and meaningful way possible. Embrace the adventure, embrace the city, and most importantly, embrace each other as you embark on this incredible journey together.

-Anika Kitchen (photographer)

Photography: Amare Studios

Featured in: Confetti Magazine

Florist: Calluna & Co

Make-up: Miss Liv Make-Up

Car rental: Sasha’s Picture Cars

Venue: Dundurn Castle

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