Then and Now

We are all settled in at our new location and we are getting our grove. It feels like a life time ago that we first saw the space that would be Sash & Bustle’s new home! Its so fun for us to look back and see how things have transformed. It is the most rewarding feeling to realize a vision, and our new space is more than we could have ever imagined. Here is a glimpse in to the transformation of our beloved store…

oliveolives_trio2 photo_5-1024x768

The previous business who occupied 779 Queen Street East moved out in early 2015. Leaving a perfect space in a historic building vacant for us to happily discover. With silver ceilings, large displays and a massive fake tree in the middle of the space its safe to say that things have changed a lot!


First day of construction, and we can see all the way through the building…IMG_3710

We have change rooms!…IMG_3793    IMG_3909

A good coat of the prettiest white paint is helping the vision come to life…IMG_4090

Now all we need to do is move in!IMG_4424


The dresses made it safe and sound! And might I say, they look so marvelous hanging in the new space! We are so excited for what the future is going to bring for Sash & Bustle. We have heaps more photos of the new space , but i’ll save those for another post. Until then, if you pass by our store front or just love the dress in our window, holler at us! We would love to meet you!imagebyjulia_park_photo-0025imagebyjulia_park_photo-0046

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